The following is an overview of Smartcool’s ECO3. For detailed product information, including a video on how the ECO3 uses compressor optimization to save energy, visit our dedicated product website.

Smartcool’s ECO3 is an energy efficiency retrofit product that can save up to 40% kWh energy used by the compressor in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems (HVAC-R). The ECO3 achieves savings using intelligent cycle optimization technology.

The ECO3 can improve energy efficiency for one or two compressor or stage systems including:

  • Packaged air conditioning systems – both residential and commercial
  • Small commercial refrigeration systems
  • Combined heat pump systems – both residential and commercial

Even on the most modern equipment with intelligent controls, or where other energy saving processes are already installed, Smartcool’s ECO3 provides energy efficiency gains.

The ECO3 works with any control system on these types of cooling units, including systems with any load profile, night set-back routine, non-demand related interruptions, demand limiting and demand response functionality.

The ECO3 interfaces with existing controls and equipment, and installation can be completed in an hour without any system interruption or impact on controlled space conditions.

Smartcool can provide additional functionality for even the most complex systems with the ESM.